Is Your Pool Leaking ?

Before calling in professionals to find the leak in your pool or spa it pays to do some investigating to determine if it is in fact leaking.

Evaporation is commonly mistaken for a leak. Because a range of weather and pool designs alter the evaporation rate, no two pools evaporate at the same rate and therefore, no one can give you an evaporation rate figure without testing for it.

Instructions on performing your own simple leak test for your pool or spa can be found here.

If you feel you have a leak then the next step is to determine if the leak is within the pipe work or the pool structure itself.  Click here to see how some simple tests can help determine where your leak may be.

If you are still uncertain if there is a leak or where it is, call AquaLeak on 0412 377 064 or send an enquiry via our Contact Us page.