Epoxy Repair Kit

Aqua Leak is proud to offer its customers a product that allows them to repair their own pool leak.

Aqua Leak Underwater Epoxy, as its name implies, is an epoxy which is useable and sets underwater.

It is a white, soft putty like material when first mixed which hardens in or out of water .This allows the pool owner who has identified the leak in his or her pool to repair it themselves.

The epoxy is suitable for use in all pool types and adheres to most surfaces. It can be used to seal skimmer box face plates, seal cracks in concrete, seal around pipes, seal light conduits and to reapply loose tiles.

Aqua Leak Underwater Epoxy is also a handy product for any handy person to have around the house – leaking gutters or down pipes, non pressure pipe leaks, it’s even been used as car bog, the possibilities are endless.

The kit comes as two tubs of 500ml making 1 litre of epoxy and costs $77 plus postage and handling. Orders or enquiries can be made via the Contact Us form or by calling Lisa on 0412 377 064

Trade enquiries also welcome.